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Melanie Lusnak

Melanie Lusnak
Melanie is an Innovation Architect on Aprio Cloud’s Technology & Innovation Team. She helps our team and our clients find the best solutions to optimize efficiency by utilizing and testing new technology. After spending close to a decade working for public accounting firms and private companies, she has focused her attention to finding the best technology for our clients and team members to use to increase efficiency and improve business practices.

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Solution Spotlight - Jirav

By Melanie Lusnak • June 30, 2020 at 9:18 AM • Jirav Solution


Jirav and Aprio Cloud-

The Future of Cash Flow and KPI Analysis

In recent months, you have probably heard something along the lines of, “Times are changing” or, “Best practices are evolving.” The world of accounting has been evolving too, and since COVID-19 hit, the leaders in the industry have emerged.

If you think of your accountant as the person that ensures your fuel expense is coded correctly from that old, wrinkled paper receipt, then you are vastly underestimating the impact a good accountant/financial advisor can have on your business right now.

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