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June 24, 2020 at 1:54 PM

Getting Back to Work

Written by
Tina Duncan
Tina Duncan |
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Payroll / HR, Tips & Tricks, COVID-19 Updates, Training

Getting back to work in the COVID-19 world, means protecting your employees, your customers and your business.

Being an employer in the United States now comes with new responsibilities, mandated by the state in which you do business. Making sure your employees are prepared, understand the protocols, and that you have all the safety measures in place that will protect your business, employees, and customers is now a critical HR task. To help, we have compiled several online resources, linked below, with information on how businesses should prepare to get back to work.

To make your job even easier, Aprio Cloud has partnered with MLevel to help you train and document your employees on the latest in ever-changing requirements for your business.

MLevel COVID-19 Training Solutions

MLevel creates online training tools that are fun, interactive, and more importantly, documented in real-time should your business procedures ever be called into question. They have already created the resources you need to train your staff on the latest in COVID-19 mandatory safety measures, and their virtual dashboards will give you insights into the training that has been completed to date.

“In a post COVID-19 era, business owners need to invest in training their employees more than ever not only to keep them engaged but to ensure their safety while working on the job and interacting with customers. At MLevel, we are proud to create interactive tools to keep your employees protected and aware of these ever-changing rules and regulations. ”
-Jordan Fladell, CEO of MLevel

MLevel can help you train your employees while documenting your COVID-19 measures.

Learn more.

Online resources:

Littler.com’s Bouncing Back: A List of Statewide Return to Work Protocols

CoronaVirus Return to Work Guidelines Checklist

COVID-19 Return to Work Checklist and Key Considerations

Tina Duncan

About Tina Duncan

Tina is the Payroll and HR Specialist for Aprio Cloud. She helps our clients stay in compliance and stay informed, while streamlining paying and administrating our client's staff as their company and workforce grows. She brings years of HR experience too, and often is discussing things like hiring practices, employee handbooks, and other HR best practices with Aprio Cloud clients.