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February 19, 2020 at 9:03 AM

Aprio Cloud Partner Spotlight: Gusto

Written by
Tina Duncan
Tina Duncan |
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Xero and Other Cloud Apps, Payroll / HR


Aprio Cloud and Gusto - Solving the financial, payroll and HR needs of today’s growing businesses.

Aprio Cloud and Gusto - Solving the financial, payroll and HR needs of today’s growing businesses

Long-time partners Aprio Cloud and Gusto are committed to helping small businesses grow with more accessibility to financial data, automation of processes, and continued innovation to the accounting and HR tools that every business needs.


Over the years we've collaborated to make business accounting, HR, payroll, and benefits solutions integrate so that our customers can make informed decisions quicker. Gusto updates have included employee benefits, time tracking, and expedited payrolls for customers and partners. Through its parent company, Aprio, a top 50 accounting firm, Aprio Cloud now provides custom retirements, wealth management, R&D tax credits, and other specialty services that help supplement our already strong solution with Gusto.

“Through our partnership with Gusto, Aprio Cloud clients benefit
from easy-to-read dashboards, VIP-level support,
and even expedited payroll services. All for one fixed fee.”
Bruce A. Phillips
Managing Director and Partner Aprio Cloud

Why does Aprio Cloud put our trust in Gusto?

Gusto is a proven, secure solution that efficiently runs in all 50 states in the US. When a small or medium-sized business is looking for both payroll and HR solutions, in one seamless system, Gusto is our recommendation. Allowing for comprehensive benefits, we leverage Gusto solutions to become the outsourced payroll and HR department for many of our growing clients.

Gusto’s intuitive technology includes a partner dashboard where we can manage Aprio Cloud’s clients in one, accessible location. And integration between other important tools like Xero and Jirav’s Reporting Dashboard brings every aspect of business finances together for easy viewing and discussion with our clients. Finally, adding in fixed, predictable fees allows us to bundle Gusto together with other products to give Aprio Cloud customers the best products at the best price.


Why do Aprio Cloud clients love Gusto?

Incorporating Gusto into Aprio Cloud’s accounting solution combines affordable pricing, predictable reporting, and reliable technology for one fixed fee and invoice to Aprio Cloud customers. Our customers come to us for outsourced accounting solutions and need information at their fingertips. With a simple interface, Gusto’s paperless solution allows customers to outsource all their payroll and HR solutions to Aprio Cloud. Gusto even integrates with time tracking software (including PTO tracking) for a total business solution. And Aprio Cloud clients benefit even more from expedited payrolls as well as VIP Gusto support.

As part of each customer’s Gusto solution, Aprio Cloud manages compliance, new registration needs and more, so our customers can focus on growing their team and their business. For those customers who want to do it themselves, Aprio Cloud helps to establish the Gusto solution and provides continued support to answer accounting, payroll, and other growth and compliance questions, while leveraging the VIP support received from Gusto through our dashboard.

Aprio Cloud delivers one fixed fee and invoice that includes Gusto and any other accounting, advisory, software, and support we provide. Each customer is delivered a customized solution to meet the needs of their growing business today.

If you are looking for a payroll and HR Solution, Aprio Cloud can help.  Fill out our Payroll & HR smart-form through the link below and we will be in touch with the best solution for your unique business needs.  

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Tina Duncan

About Tina Duncan

Tina is the Payroll and HR Specialist for Aprio Cloud. She helps our clients stay in compliance and stay informed, while streamlining paying and administrating our client's staff as their company and workforce grows. She brings years of HR experience too, and often is discussing things like hiring practices, employee handbooks, and other HR best practices with Aprio Cloud clients.