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March 8, 2018 at 11:40 AM

Meet Your Next Online Scheduling and Time Tracking App

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Matt Nyman
Matt Nyman |
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For brick-and-mortar businesses or teams spread out in different locations, there are challenges when it comes to employee scheduling, tracking actual time, communicating through emails, and supervising tasks. Finding a single tool to manage all of these business functions can be difficult and costly to business owners. Fortunately, Deputy is a valuable tool used by over 40,000 businesses to increase productivity and transparency. Here is an overview of the four main features Deputy provides to its users.


Working in multiple locations, accurately measuring wage costs, and preventing employee fatigue are some of the most notable issues when it comes to scheduling. Deputy’s simple drag and drop interface helps to mitigate these challenges. Open shifts can easily be sent to any number of your employees and cut down on time spent searching for replacements. Managers can also integrate Deputy with their own POS data and live weather feed to tailor an optimal schedule based on predicted sales/foot traffic. Schedules are easily published and can notify employees through email, SMS, or a push notification to their phone. All of this can be done through Deputy’s web app or its mobile app, compatible for Android, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

One Scheduling App to Rule Them All

Time & Attendance

Employees can clock in/out through the Deputy mobile app. For managers, however, the app can use its geo-location capability to make sure that your employees are where they need to be for their shift. Users can also generate invoices based on hours worked per customer that will sync into their accounting software. It's simple and convenient to export all of these records to your payroll department. Deputy integrates with many of the world's most popular payroll packages, including Xero, ADP, and Gusto. You can check out the full list here.

Communication & Tasks

The app’s communication component is a running news feed that seeks to replace long e-mail chains. Users can request confirmation to ensure their team has read attachments or confirmed attendance. Employees can also comment on posts so that everyone can be on the same page. Communicating within the app consolidates messages instead of having to check emails or SMS messages for individual conversations. Assigning tasks and due dates to both individuals and groups are intuitive with the app and can be completely organized in one place. Managers can receive notifications when tasks are completed and are also able to create private notes on employee performance.

One Scheduling App to Rule Them All

Automation & Key Performance Indicators

At Aprio Cloud we help our clients select and implement tools like Deputy as part of a bigger service offering. We sync this information to help automate running payroll for our clients. We can use the same information to help our clients get paid, or to do real time comparison to in-store POS sales data. We can help our client hone in on store capacity and profitability, seamlessly book all their sales and wage information, and keep them compliant with tax and HR advice.

If you are looking for a complete solution to automate your back office, gain business analytics with meaningful growth advice, and get seamless tax planning and compliance services, please get in touch.

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To learn more about how Deputy can offer a tool for more productive and efficient employees, click here.

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