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June 19, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Client Featured Case Study: Expanding E-Commerce Businesses By Scaling Back Office Systems and Focusing on What Matters Most

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Matt Nyman
Matt Nyman |
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Client Feature, E-Commerce and Retail Solutions


“Hiring HPC over 4 years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and has allowed me to grow my company. ” - Brennan Zelener, Owner of Newaya Recycling


Client Featured Case Study

Expanding E-Commerce Businesses By Scaling Back Office Systems and Focusing on What Matters Most



Brennan Zelener Newaya2.jpg

Brennan Zelener, Owner of Newaya Recycling

Our E-Commerce Client

Newaya LLC is an online company that pays money for used cell phones. Their mission is to become the best platform for distributing used cell phones in the US with a focus on wholesale distribution and awesome web software.

The company started over 6 years ago doing just tens of thousands of dollars in gross revenue, and now is doing well over $1,000,000 per year. Like many expanding e-commerce based businesses, focusing on new channels, marketing opportunities, and accompanying operation and growth complexities were where the owner, Brennan, knew he should be spending his time. That is when he found HPC.

Meeting HPC - Instant ROI and Peace of Mind

Brennan was talking with a colleague 4 years ago who happened to be an HPC client. They recommended Brennan contact HPC. After speaking with HPC CEO, Bruce Phillips, he could immediately see the benefits.

Brennan shared his thoughts with us:

“It did start a little bit expensive for me, and it appalled my peers that I was paying so much from the beginning when I could have done it myself. They felt like the expense of a bookkeeper was not justified, which I agree with, if I were going to hire a solely a bookkeeper.”

“However, I do not see HPC as a ‘bookkeeper’, and instead as a resource and asset that has made my life so much easier. Tax questions get relayed with reliable, timely responses throughout the whole year. Process challenges can be overcome with a tool, best practice, and then support and accountability.”

Over the past 4 years Brennan has had the support of our whole firm, and has been able to progressively hand over additional tasks and allowing him to focus on growth and value-adding activities.

“I started off doing my own reconciliation with HPC’s help. I had one employee, and it later made sense to transition to HPC for full service accounting vs. the self service package I was on, within a few years later. Fully outsourcing the accounting was one of the best decisions I have ever made for the growth of my business and myself personally.”

Brennan continues to explain..

“PayPal reconciliation was a big pain point when I was doing it myself. I have pictures of my roommate and I in our garage when I was sorting through PayPal transactions until 1 AM. That is a distant past, and instead I have been working on business development and leaving that grunt work up to HPC.”

“This enabled me to use my time to focus on growth and scaling the company instead of wrangling transactional history. Tangled books and no focus on making the business better is not a good use of my time.”

Resourcefulness and Cloud Tools

By partnering with HPC, Newaya was also introduced to another one of his favorite vendors, and loves the user interface and experience of working with the firm and the tools.

Brennan stated:

“HPC facilitated getting me introduced to Gusto Payroll. We were using ADP, but didn’t feel we were getting the value for what we paid at all. Gusto has been a game changer. We’ve been using the automated payroll for years, and are now using them as our benefits broker and 401k provider.


Brennan went on to explain how he, as an online business owner, enjoys his customer experience.

“I’m a web guy, and the tools and support I have is almost like a fantasy and a very special thing for me. The two invoices I’m happy to pay and are most value-adding are HPC and Gusto.”

Constant Improvement and Continued Scalability

Newaya will continue to grow without hiring more people, and knows HPC will continue to scale services and help drive efficiencies in his business.

Brennan shared the future outlook of his company.

“Newaya will continue to invest and innovate within the industry. We have 6 people now, including myself, and won’t need to hire for some time in order to scale. We don’t ever have to worry about finding a bookkeeper, wasting my or my team’s time on day to day bookkeeping, or running into compliance surprises.”

“I have a very proper cadence and trust with our dedicated accountant and the tax team at HPC. The relationship and services are constantly getting better, and has never felt like things are getting worse.”

Newaya is a success story HPC is happy to be a part of. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Brennan and providing a flexible and scalable solution over the years to help him grow his e-commerce business. We are looking forward to his future success and continuing to earn the privilege of being called one of his most valuable partners.


Matt Nyman

About Matt Nyman

As HPC's Client Success Manager, Matt helps connect our clients and prospects with the right tools, processes, team members, and overall solutions offered by HPC. He speaks with hundreds of business owners a year to help determine their needs and how HPC and/or their partners can help.