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June 30, 2020 at 9:18 AM

Solution Spotlight - Jirav

Written by
Melanie Lusnak
Melanie Lusnak |

Jirav Solution


Jirav and Aprio Cloud-

The Future of Cash Flow and KPI Analysis

In recent months, you have probably heard something along the lines of, “Times are changing” or, “Best practices are evolving.” The world of accounting has been evolving too, and since COVID-19 hit, the leaders in the industry have emerged.

If you think of your accountant as the person that ensures your fuel expense is coded correctly from that old, wrinkled paper receipt, then you are vastly underestimating the impact a good accountant/financial advisor can have on your business right now.

A good accountant today should be less of a bookkeeper and more of an advisor

Adding and subtracting income and expenses are simple tasks, but today’s business leaders need real-time data visualization with custom KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are relevant to their industry. That’s why Aprio Cloud relies on software from our partners at Jirav for clients who want access to the latest in forecasting and interactive reporting.

“During these unpredictable times, having our experts at Aprio Cloud create and manage custom Jirav dashboards has ensured we have daily insights into the cash flows and budgets for all areas of our business. We can rely on these dashboards to share information rapidly across the org and make mission-critical budget decisions with the most current financial and operational data.”

-Ben Jackson, Verge Analytics

  Why Jirav? The logo explains their big idea.

Giraffes use their long necks to look over trees and avoid distractions to see the vast landscape. They see the big picture. Jirav helps Aprio Cloud’s clients to see the big picture for their businesses and help to make decisions based on robust forecasting and budgets for any scenario. Our clients don’t need to spend time opening a spreadsheet, determining if it’s up-to-date, and making sure all of the formulas are correct. Jirav gives us comprehensive and tailored reporting by integrating with accounting systems such as Xero, QBO, and NetSuite as well as sales channels such as SalesForce for financial analysis and reporting. Jirav also directly connects to staffing solutions such as Gusto and ADP to bring in operational data. If there’s an application Jirav does not directly connect with, it can be updated using a spreadsheet exported from the software. Jirav consolidates all of this data into a single cloud platform.

 "I created Jirav to be the tool I always wanted in my career as a finance director at high growth companies. I'm honored that a leading firm such as Aprio Cloud has chosen Jirav to help their clients plan for a better tomorrow."

- Martin Zych, CEO & Co-Founder, Jirav

What does real-time data analysis look like?

Jirav gives Aprio Cloud’s clients the capability to have customized dashboards with account balances, graphical representations of financial statements, and variance analyses. The dashboard, tailored specifically for each business, has all the data needed to run operations and budgetary decisions and is automatically updated with the latest financial information.

These dynamic visual representations can be as simple or complex as each client wants, making Jirav an extremely scalable solution. Aprio Cloud uses Jirav’s toolset to help our clients make informed decisions around growth planning. Jirav makes it easy to create and track multiple future scenarios or plans so that clients can be prepared for every scenario by using drivers to define rules, growth rates, and assumptions.

If a client decides to start a new project in six months, they can create several different scenarios to review moving forward. They can begin with a plan based on their budget, then build a plan based on a scenario where an investor contributes a certain amount, and another plan where costs are cut in a different department. A global driver that determines the average cost per headcount can then be used across each scenario to compare the outcomes. Each of the outcomes can be compared with the historical data brought in from financial software and other integrated applications. Having the ability to create multiple plans and drivers is essential when an unexpected scenario happens, such as COVID-19. Aprio Cloud clients have the ability to work with their advisors to plan and prepare for all scenarios, through growth and downturns, with Jirav’s robust software solution.

With Aprio Cloud and Jirav, you can automate your books, compliance, and financial processes and get the valuable support, tax planning, and business advice you need to grow your business. 

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Example Jirav Dashboards:

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Melanie Lusnak

About Melanie Lusnak

Melanie is an Innovation Architect on Aprio Cloud’s Technology & Innovation Team. She helps our team and our clients find the best solutions to optimize efficiency by utilizing and testing new technology. After spending close to a decade working for public accounting firms and private companies, she has focused her attention to finding the best technology for our clients and team members to use to increase efficiency and improve business practices.