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April 19, 2018 at 11:30 AM

Veem Enables Aprio Cloud Accounting & Tax Clients' International Payments

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Matt Nyman
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Aprio Cloud's partnership with Veem makes life easier for our global tax and accounting clients who send and receive money internationally. Veem allows for firms to send and receive payments to over sixty countries—and counting! Through multi-rail payment technology, Veem provides a convenience and a seamless global payment solution that eliminates the middleman. This equates to faster transfers, better tracking, and lower costs.

Here are a few ways Veem brings peace of mind to Aprio Cloud's clients:

    • No wire fees. Veem brings simplicity to global wire transfers. Their group of payment experts have redesigned global money transfers to cut out needless stops with the banks, correspondent bank delays and fees, and time spent filling out forms. Now, your payments get through on time and at a better rate than you are paying today.
    • Simplify bill pay. Payments can be set up on Xero and approved with one click on Veem, eliminating double entries and streamlining the way you pay your vendors domestically and abroad.
    • Mass upload. Veem users can create multiple invoices and payments in seconds.
    • No monthly fees.

Use Cases and Restrictions

Updated Veem Infographic

Many of our clients have international inter-company payments, vendors they need to pay in foreign countries, and customers that need to pay from different currencies. Here’s how we typically use Veem:

  • Simple invite to our client from our partner dashboard
  • Client establishes their own free Veem Account login information
  • Client verifies their local bank information
  • One click bill payment, and international wire requests are now handled seamlessly through Veem with Aprio Cloud's support and oversight

Note, Veem is not available in all countries, but their list of countries are growing. This is a list of available countries and currencies.

Not sure what exactly to look for when finding a suitable global payment platform? Aprio Cloud prepared an easy guide on some questions to ask when scoping potential platforms.

To learn more about how Veem serves Aprio Cloud clients who send and receive global payments, schedule a no obligation consultation today. 

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