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Payroll and HR Solutions

  • 100+ payroll clients serviced and supported each month
  • 50 states supported for Payroll and HR 
  • An entire team of Payroll and HR experts 
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Automate and Outsource Your Payroll

Our Aprio Cloud staff include an expert in-house Payroll and HR team and top tier partnerships with the leading payroll software solutions in the US.  Aprio Cloud provides the best combination of platform, services, and support you need in order to manage all your Payroll and HR.

Depending on your needs we can fully automate and outsource your Payroll and HR, or we can provide any payroll software and support, payroll registrations and compliance, benefits, advice, training, and other vital components to grow and manage your workforce.

Your Payroll HQ

  • Easier payroll starts with better payroll software, and that's part of what you'll get through Aprio Cloud's payroll solutions.  We have partnered with the best payroll software providers so you always have expert advice from the best solution for your unique needs.
  • Visual dashboards enable seamless collaboration with your Aprio Cloud Payroll and HR specialists, your staff, and your tax advisors.
  • Payroll data is automatically synched to your ledger system.
  • Automate running payroll, payroll compliance, quarterly and year end forms, onboarding and offboarding staff, employee benefits, and more.
  • Manage all your pay runs, HR documents, employee onboarding, benefits, and more from one place.
  • Get priority services and support through our top tier partnerships, or outsource your payroll to us for a more bundled and comprehensive approach to managing your Payroll and HR. 

Payroll Dashboard Example

Payroll dashboard example

Our assigned accounting advisors, tax advisors, and payroll and HR experts have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Everyone is always on time for calls, prepared and deliver quick turnaround and follow up.   

Ben Katzaman
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The Perfect Solution for your Payroll & HR Needs

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Once complete, the Aprio Cloud staff will review your unique business needs and respond, within one business day, with the solution that will best meet your payroll and hr needs going forward.  


Leading Class Payroll Solutions Paired with Payroll Experts

Aprio Cloud employs a remote workforce residing in 20+ states and 4 countries.  So wherever you choose to hire your team, Aprio Cloud is well equipped to handle your Payroll and HR needs. Our team of payroll experts will ensure you have the advice and infrastructure necessary to manage and grow your workforce. And as top tier partners of two of the leading payroll solutions, we can save you time and money, while getting you priority support and features.

Seamless Sales Tax Compliance

If you sell products in the U.S. you must manage nexus and pay state sales taxes. Let Aprio Cloud’s experienced state and local tax team monitor your thresholds as you grow and complete all applicable registrations and filings. 

Learn More about Sales Tax Compliance Solutions