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Aprio SBA Covid-19 Loan Assistance

Helping small business owners impacted by the spread of Coronavirus.

Aprio SBA Covid-19 Loan Assistance


SBA Loan Support for Businesses

Update as of 4/16/2020

SBA Program funding is currently being reviewed for additional allocation by Congress.  If you have not yet applied for a SBA Loan, please call your Aprio relationship partner, or fill in the form to get in touch with an advisor.  Advisors will discuss your eligibility and preparation for when funding is re-allocated.  


Aprio’s Covid-19 Capital Assistance team is committed to serving small business owners who are being impacted by the public policy measures to contain the spread of the Coronavirus.

We have teams evaluating all of the programs available to provide relief and we are standing by to help you take advantage of these programs.  Federal assistance programs include $399 billion in funding that has been set aside to aid small business owners.  These funds are split between both the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and CARES Act also known as the *Payroll Protection Plan (PPP).

EIDL Loans include:

  • Ability to borrow up to $2 Million
  • Interest rates are 3.75% (or 2.75% for private, nonprofits)
  • Terms up to 30 years
  • You can use these funds for fixed debts, rent, payroll, and other working capital needs.

*PPP Loans include:

  • Ability to borrow up to $10 Million
  • Interest rates are 1% 
  • Terms up to 2 years
  • Possible loan forgiveness

Our goal is to determine the optimal amount of money to borrow (and ultimately forgiven) from each of the programs available. Our approach is to first understand your business strategy, and your cashflow needs.

EIDL and PPP loan consulting & preparation includes:

  • Entity eligibility and qualification review of covered expenses
  • Consultation around acceptable uses of funds per government regulations
  • Assistance in loan application and required underwriting documentation preparation
  • Recommendations for tracking and reporting the use of proceeds
  • Summary of key calculations and information needed for your applications
  • Organization and underwriting documentation assistance
  • EIDL services include application submission including Part One of the application for initial relief up to $10,000, and submission of Part Two of the application based on final calculations.
  • The goal of our PPP service is to prepare you for submitting the PPP application. The actual PPP/bank application is a straightforward form that has to be filled out and submitted by the LENDEE per SBA and applicable bank lending regulations. 

The loan process can be complicated and incomplete applications can significantly delay your access to capital. Let Aprio’s advisors help you prepare and submit your loan documentation right the first time. Get your money faster to get your business back on track.

*At this time, PPP Loan consulting is only available to current Aprio clients 

Steps to Take:

Complete the form on this page, and the subsequent form to have a 15 minute one on one consultation, and/or engage our team so that we can begin assisting you with the process.

The EIDL Loans will be underwritten by the SBA, and will not go through a bank underwriter as you would with a normal SBA Loan. They are estimating a 21-day processing and evaluation period, which could be longer based on demand. To get started fill out our form to consult with an Aprio Advisor. 

The PPP program bill just recently passed and the banks can begin processing applications soon.  Sign up now to speak with an advisor to begin preparing the required documentation.

Aprio advisors will continue to research and create resources for companies needing help during the Covid-19 crisis.  Once your free 15 minute consultation is complete, you may choose to have Aprio manage the entire process for you.  Should you choose to have Aprio manage the process you will be charged $2,500 per entity per program.  You may also choose, after speaking with our team, to proceed through the SBA loan process yourself and are welcome to continue to use Aprio webinars and public resources at no cost to you.  


Work with an Aprio Advisor to ensure your documentation is prepared and submitted right the first time for faster processing and payment.

If you are a current Aprio client, please reach out directly to your relationship manager to facilitate and expedite this process.  


Disclaimer: for services provided relative to SBA programs and the CARES Act 

Aprio’s goal is to provide the most up to date information, along with our insights and current understandings of these programs and regulations to help you navigate your business response to COVID-19. 

The rules regarding SBA programs are constantly being refined and clarified by the SBA and other agencies In certain instances, the guidance being provided by the agencies and/or the financial institutions is in direct conflict with other competing guidance, regulations and/or existing laws.  

Due to the evolving nature of the situation and the lack of final published rules, Aprio cannot guarantee that additional changes or updates won’t be needed or forthcoming and the original advice given by Aprio may be affected by the evolving nature of the situation. 

You need to evaluate and draw your own conclusions and determine your Company’s best approach relative to participation within these programs based on your Company’s specific circumstances, cash flow forecast and business strategy. 

In situations where resources are provided by third parties, those services should be covered under a separate agreement directly with that service provider. Aprio is not responsible for the actions of any other third party.

Aprio encourages you to contact your legal counsel to address the legal implications of the impact of the CARES Act and specifically your participation in any of the SBA programs.